Murena Murena is the creation of Munich-based musician and soundtrack composer Daniel Murena alias Daniel Tanqueray. Steady with a great  fascination for the abysmal (also: in sound), his music could be loosely framed as #anarchopop #leftfield…  yet, this reduction would only mock the actual range and bow depth of Murena’s sonic vocabulary. More rather, Murena Murena is an echo in the abyss, a shadow in the mirror, a dark twin. „Watch the Sphinx… Blood is ink.“ 

Murena Murena surely takes us to places we’ve never been before – both in terms of the novelty approach towards pop-induced song structures as well talking a very special kind of mad twisted darkness immanent to nearly every single song“ – Nightstylez

some of the most irresistible cinematically lit murder ballads and sinister shuffles heard in a long time. (…) Creative diablerie does not come much better or deliciously darker it is easy to say.“ – Ringmaster Review



Death Piano (digital / Cut Surface, 2021)
Shame Over (LP / Totally Wired + Echokammer + Gutfeeling, 2016)
Ghoaster Coaster (LP / Echokammer, 2014)
Murena / Bo Candy & His Broken Hearts (Split 7″ / 2011)