Just Friends and Lovers follow a post punk style that doesn’t go for beats per minute, instead they produce songs that must be savored like licks of a lollipop (though in parts – caution! – slightly venomous). Oozing out as opalescent tales of passion, murder, visions and friendship, their songs are teasing and empowering streams flowing to a better life for everyone. Roughly hewn, unpolished, but irresistible!

Her Most Criminal Crimes (LP/digital // Cut Surface, 2019)
Spit it out /Manners (7″/digital // Numavi Records 2017)
Wilhelmine show me the No No No (V.A., cassette/digital // WSMTML 2017)
grrrls night out compilation (V.A., digital // grrrls 2016)
EurNoVision Sampler (V.A., digital // Soft Bodies 2015)
Just Friends and Lovers /Шапка (split Cassette/digital // WSMTML 2014)
SOS Tape (V.A., Cassette/digital // Totally Wired Records & WSMTML 2014)
Fettkakao Sampler (V.A., LP/CD/digital // Fettkakao 2014)
What, Colour? (LP/digital // Fettkakao 2013)
This Tune (7″/digital // Fettkakao 2012)
Just Friends and Lovers / Love Is (split Cassette/digital // WSMTML 2011)