»Scared to be here now. Even scared to be human.« Johnny Geiger (also 1/4 of POSTMAN) squints through the paper-thin slit between echo-laden half-sleep and hard-hitting reality, wearing her heart on her sleeve when she takes us on dark & intimate trips through (in)human condition, charged by desire and dismay. Brooding and ghostly Johnny Geiger ’s minimalistic pop tunes nag at your soul, worming their way into the essence of things. Meet you at the joints of heart & brain!

»It’s a thing of understated beauty.« – SWIT

Human (cassette/digital // Cut Surface & Epileptic Media 2020)
live at CCNL Vienna /w Nadeshda (cassette, ltd edition // Epileptic Media 2019)
split single /w Nadeshda (Vinylograph 7″ single, ltd edition // Vinylograph 2019)
Hunger (cassette/digital // Epileptic Media 2018)
Es gibt schowieda wos (Various Artists, cassette // Epileptic Media 2017)