Monotony? Repetition? INSISTENCE! Named after a man-made construct to capture or control, Falle stretch from the flourishing Vienna/Graz tape-head scene as a collaboration between Tina Bauer, Markus Gönitzer and Peter Lazarus. United by a firm lo-fi mindset and a joint vein for the grim and murky, they lurk in the substantial negative space between catchy ‘80s-esque Bat Cave and a barren basement wallpapered with primal Units posters, early Holograms & Frustration or the likes.  „HAUNTING. STIFLING. WIRED.“ A compelling body-gripper between grave post-punk dramatics and brittle punk temperament.

»Armed with just sharp synths, bleak pulsing basslines, and rumbling drums, the power trio plays a minimal, stark and hypnotic tension-filled synth-punk with 80s UK post-punk undertones.« – WL/WH