Atmospheres of intimacy and vulnerability, held together by arrangements of captivating lightness. Dino Spiluttini’s songs under his “Wrong Body”-moniker, are among the most accessible in his output and they might also be his most emotionally devastating. As Wrong Body, Spiluttini’s influences have shifted away from the postpunk starkness of his earlier “pop”-projects and the abrasive intensity of his experimental music, and moved into something warmer and more intimate, at points even skirting an R’n’B-like seductiveness.

»Mournful, sweet and echoing« – SWIT

»Minimalistic and immersive, moving and emotional, light doesn’t clash with darkness, everything’s dipped in an existential grayness, (…) evoking an hopeless sense of alienation and loneliness, always looking out for the other, desperately trying to figure ourself out, lost in the incommunicability and isolation of the modern world.« – WL/WH

Benzo Edits (tape, digital / Cut Surface 2019)
Compilation B (Various Artists, CD / Cut Surface 2018)
Compilation A (Various Artists, CD // Cut Surface 2017)