With „Wirtschaftskammer“, this band has chosen a name that reveals the absorption of people in ubiquitous consumption. The intoxication enjoyed in the purchase is experienced as an overwhelming, burdensome duty. A ceaseless internal and external tumult, which is also reflected in the musical form. …

Traditional rockisms are smashed almost with a butcher’s fist, only to be resurrected with a virtuoso hand in an absurdly distorted form. A revenant of rock, mixed with elements from noise, jazz and Weill-ian folklore adaptation, whose oppressive high spirits testify to the panic of those who are driven by the consumption drills.

Quirky observations from everyday life and business, dissolved and with interchanged meanings, but ultimately interwoven – like the mechanical loom and: industrialization.“ – the gap

Wirtschaftskammer (LP + digital / Cut Surface 2019)
Kaufkraft Tour Kassette (MC / HOUSE Publications & Cut Surface 2019)Compilation B (Various Artists, CD / Cut Surface 2018)