With „Wirtschaftskammer“ this young band chose a name, which exposes the absorption of men into ever-present consumption. The frenzy, relished during purchasing, is thereby experienced as a burdensome duty in equal measure. An incessant commotion, within and without, that also translates into the musical form…

With downright butcher’s fist (too pathetic?) plain old rockisms get shattered to bits, just to have them resurrected again by virtuous hand – in grotesque-disfigured shape. A revenant of rock, spiked with elements of noise, jazz and Weill’ian folklore adaptions, whose nightmarish high jinks confirm the fright of all these haunted by consumer pressure.

Wirtschaftskammer (LP + digital / Cut Surface 2019)
Kaufkraft Tour Kassette (MC / HOUSE Publications & Cut Surface 2019)
Compilation B (Various Artists, CD / Cut Surface 2018)