Tom Wu shows should take place in basements – exclusively. Basement clubs, that you need to descend unto, like a submergence into the abysmal depths of our minds. There where there is no light, like a dive into the bleakest corners of our thoughts. Basement clubs with no light, except that of a stroboscope, which reveals images of people thwarted in ecstasy, all chopped up into snapshots. It is exactly this imagery that sums up the Munich-based drummer and singer best: A trip into the unconscious, like the blackest of black nights on (slightly too) hard drugs.
++ New album „All You Want“ out in May 2018 in a cooperation /w Echokammer Records, Munich ++

Compilation B (Various Artists, CD / Cut Surface 2018)
All You Want (LP / Echokammer & Cut Surface 2018)
s/t (LP / Echokammer 2014)