Floor by floor the four wannabe architects of POSTMAN build themselves around  luminaries of architecture and philosophy. In a virtually consolatory way they describe the metaphoric wasteland of postmodernism, an arbitrary old rhythm machine as steady companion. Desert wave? Young Concrete Giants! … now, heading towards Megacity.

Compilation B (V.A., CD / Cut Surface 2018)
Flennen N°6 (V.A., cassette / Flennen 2018)
es gibt schowieda wos, der sampler (V.A., digital / Epileptic Media 2017)
Home (LP/digital // Cut Surface 2017)
Compilation A (V.A., CD // Cut Surface 2017)
there (LP/digital // Epileptic Media 2016)
Krafftmalerei ** Plagiat ** (V.A., digital / Totally Wired Records 2016)