If Austrian music scene was, let ’s say, main school … Melt Downer would be school’s new bully. This snotty alliance of  Wolfgang Möstl, Mario Zangl and Florian Giessauf fuses a noisy amalgam of spitting no-melodies & infernal drum thrash.  Grab you by the scruff to drag you straight forward through a mind-melting polytoxicomanic tsunami. A blissful concubinage of unholy and demented sounds. Trippy, dangerous, dreamy & brutal. They melt braincells. They ´re Melt Downer.

Compilation A (Various Artists, CD / Cut Surface 2017)
Melt Downer (double LP / Cut Surface & Numavi 2017)
Aber der Sound ist gut (Various artists, 2xLP / Siluh 2016)