The Vienna-based musician and producer Dino Spiluttini reacts to emotional dynamics between uncertainty, fear and sadness with his expressive perspective on contemporary electronic music. The ever-present emotional force of his music arises from their longing for dissolution, without ever actually finding it; their longing for fulfillment and a respite is not infrequently interrupted by restlessness and oppressive brooding. This drama is given weight by Spiluttini’s careful production. His strength shows in frugal arrangements that are chewed up in thrashing incantations, in personified agitation, in frustration with one’s own identity and discomfort with the world. He quotes stylistically from EDM, house, new music and classical music, and always manages to unmistakably imprint his own brand on the whole. Spiluttini’s latest publication, Heaven (Editions Mego, 2019), ponders death, reunification, and the inadequacy of one’s body.

the unknown underdog of sweeping, orchestral ambiance and a master of modern classical.“ (Sacred Phrases)

he merges realms of ambient dirtiness with shoegaze-informed clouds of distortion, while somehow managing to not lose his distinct, pathos-laden radicalism.“ (Can You Ear It?)

degradation becomes a vital component, no longer symbolic of fault but enriched with a purpose that only broken audio is able to fulfil.“ (ATTN:MAGAZINE)

Heaven (LP/digital // Editions Mego, 2019)
No Horizon (cassette/digital // Umor Rex, 2018)
Ceremony (cassette/digital // ACR, 2018)
Compilation B (Various Artists, CD / Cut Surface 2018)
Forever (cassette/digital // No Rent Records, 2018)
Compilation A (Various Artists, CD / Cut Surface 2017)
To Be a Beast (LP/digital, Cut Surface 2017)
„I Do not Want what Heaven Gave Me“ (Cassette/digital, Phinery 2016)
„Christmas Drone for the Sad and Lonesome“ (Cassette/digital, TVEI 2016)
„Christmas Drones for the Sad and Lonesome“ (digital, self released 2015)
„Music for Parabellum“ Soundtrack for „Parabellum“ (digital, self released 2015)
„All I Want is to Be a Happy Man“ (Cassette/digital, Sacred Phrases || ltd edition LP, self released 2015)
„Desire“ (Cassette/digital, J&C Tapes 2015)
„Modular Anxiety“ – split LP w/ Nils Quak (LP/digital, Umor Rex 2014)