„the unknown underdog of sweeping, orchestral ambiance and a master of modern classical.“ (Sacred Phrases)

„he merges realms of ambient dirtiness with shoegaze-informed clouds of distortion, while somehow managing to not lose his distinct, pathos-laden radicalism.“ (Can You Ear It?)

„degradation becomes a vital component, no longer symbolic of fault but enriched with a purpose that only broken audio is able to fulfil.“ (ATTN:MAGAZINE)

Compilation B (Various Artists, CD / Cut Surface 2018)
Forever (cassette/digital // No Rent Records, 2018)
Compilation A (Various Artists, CD / Cut Surface 2017)
To Be a Beast (LP/digital, Cut Surface 2017)
„I Do not Want what Heaven Gave Me“ (Cassette/digital, Phinery 2016)
„Christmas Drone for the Sad and Lonesome“ (Cassette/digital, TVEI 2016)
„Christmas Drones for the Sad and Lonesome“ (digital, self released 2015)
„Music for Parabellum“ Soundtrack for „Parabellum“ (digital, self released 2015)
„All I Want is to Be a Happy Man“ (Cassette/digital, Sacred Phrases || ltd edition LP, self released 2015)
„Desire“ (Cassette/digital, J&C Tapes 2015)
„Modular Anxiety“ – split LP w/ Nils Quak (LP/digital, Umor Rex 2014)