PRESSURE BY REDUCTION, ENERGY BY HYPERVENTILATION! Straight outta the garage Rico Mynthen and Jonas Geise serve a psychotropic cocktail noir, systematically stripped down to rock‘n‘roll‘s basic ingredients – grungy guitars, highly distinct vocals and impelling drum work. A vibrating concentrate of emotions. Though con-genially „beyond hype“, all of it can sparkle and catch fire. At any point! On stage Dazed Pilots navigate their final descent in a nose dive at full thrust. Take a seat in the first class, maximum legroom guaranteed … because there is no exit.   ++ New album K.T.F.T. out in May 2018. ++

Compilation B (Various Artists, CD / Cut Surface 2018)
K.T.F.T. (LP / Cut Surface 2018)
Compilation A (Various Artists, CD / Cut Surface 2017)
Drummers & Codies (LP, gatefold / Totally Wired 2015)