„sad girl mambo vs. she… wants a piece of you!“

»The mysterious and only lonely one-woman-super-villain ANA THREAT heaves music into something better for the ears, something tougher, and something stranger, into something we never knew we would be listening to. It is a new world.« – Tony Burger, Managing Director A.L.F.A. (Australasian Lo-Fidelity Association)

++ TOM TOM MAG on Ana Threat’s COLD LVE ++

COLD LVE (LP / Cut Surface  2016)
Cease to Exist (7″ single / Trash Rock Productions 2014)
The Dropout Dumpling (2×7″/digital, Totally Wired Records 2014)
Car Sick / The Knife (split 7″/digital, Trash Rock Productions 2013)
Broken Heel Island (10″ album/digital, Trash Rock Productions 2011)